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Shelf Limited Liability Company Product: New Wyoming Shelf LLC/Shelf Company starting at $400.  Seven year old companies start at $1295.  Please request the list here.  Registered agent service included with every product. Order LLC

Please see your tax advisor.  We don't provide legal advice.  We're not lawyers.

Ask your tax advisor about IRS Revenue Ruling 77-137.

All sales are approved in the state of Wyoming.

All disputes are settled in Wyoming.




Shelf LLC's are best in Wyoming and New Mexico.


New Mexico requires no annual report and no annual fee.  This is great if you're seeking a trouble free LLC and one that requires NO ANNUAL FEE from the state.  For now, you are able to obtain a two year old shelf LLC for $1000!  Obtain the list of available shelf companies here.


In 1977, Wyoming was the first state to pass a Limited Liability Act.  This was the first time the Limited Liability Company (LLC) was introduced to American business.  Once the IRS recognized the LLC can be taxed as a partnership (that is, as a pass-through entity), all 50 states passed statutes creating their own version of the LLC.

Nevada and Delaware followed Wyoming by filing their own limited liability act.  Why is it that Delaware LLC's and Nevada LLC's are more popular?

It's simple.  Nevada and Delaware possess more incorporators and have proven themselves more adept at marketing.  Also, Wyoming has a population of only 500,000 people.  As a result, it only makes sense that there aren't so many people marketing incorporation services in Wyoming.

So, in which state do you form the LLC?  We care about effectiveness and cost, not marketing or sales.  We found that Nevada and Wyoming offer the best LLC's-- and Wyoming costs much less.

Wyoming's LLC act spells out the charging order protection in very strong language:

Wyoming Statute 17‑15‑145.  Rights of creditor.

“…The charging order is the exclusive remedy by which a judgment creditor of the member or transferee may satisfy a judgment against the member's interest in a limited liability company.”  

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