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Shelf Limited Liability Company Product: New Wyoming Shelf LLC/Shelf Company starting at $400.  Seven year old companies start at $1295.  Please request the list here.  Registered agent service included with every product.

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Please see your tax advisor.  We don't provide legal advice.  We're not lawyers.

Ask your tax advisor about IRS Revenue Ruling 77-137.

All sales are approved in the state of Wyoming.

All disputes are settled in Wyoming.



The role of the Wyoming registered agent is to receive legal notice (service of process) for a Wyoming corporation or Wyoming LLC.  The registered agent's job is to be there during regular business hours, receive legal notice, and forward that notice to the client. 

You, as the client of the Wyoming Registered Agent, must make certain that your service provider is registered with the State of Wyoming.  Further, make certain that your Wyoming Registered Agent is forwarding your official mail.

The Wyoming Registered Agent will forward official mail received on behalf of your Wyoming Corporation or Wyoming LLC.  The service charge for a Wyoming Registered Agent varies.  If you the rate is too cheap, the Wyoming Registered Agent may not take his job seriously.  Also, the Wyoming Registered Agent may consider it a part-time job.  We're a full-time Wyoming Registered Agent service provider.

Our rate is $75 per year.  We are there during regular business hours, and we will reliably forward your official mail.

What type of official mail should a client expect, when forwarded by the Wyoming Registered Agent?  Expect mail from the Wyoming Secretary of State, IRS correspondence, and other official type mail.  In addition, mail forwarding is available for $200 per year.  Our commercial address is available to receive your non-official mail.  This is mail typically from a bank or other commercial source.

Please call 307.237.2580 for reliable Wyoming Registered Agent service.  Thank you.

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